Friday, April 12, 2013

Old Spice by Michael Gonzalez

    The photo is of a half naked man. Being portrayed as a mountain. He is shown to have confidence, because of using the deoderant "Old Spice". Making him seem like a mountain, and smelling as fresh as one too. Muscular and Confident with his facial expression, sends a message to consumers. That if using this you will Confident and muscular too.  Becoming "one of the freshest smelling places on Earth". 
    Old Spice used their mascot who stars in several hilarious and interesting commercials and other advertisements for their lines as well. He is considered and portrayed as a masculant, strong, confident man in all their ads. Old Spice uses him in this mountain scene. He is giving the consumers a look of confidence challenging you to try their product to see if you think there as fresh as they claim.  Using the power of propaganda and sending a message through the advertisement to get the attention of their targeted buyers, "men". The posture, build, and look just sends the message to men that if you use this product you can be viewed the same way as this man. Using the comedy route they ad people doing activities as if they were on a real mountain trying to make it a funny advertisement. Also by using brighter colors it helps grabs the attention of viewers and then pulling them in with the confident funny man with the mountain  chest, smelling so fresh he is the mountain.

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